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No need to enter your sites password or find a league id. Just open your league in another tab and the Draft Hero Live Sync extension.

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Preview Mode Updates:

Draft Hero is in free preview mode until July 22nd. Here is what you should be aware of during this free trial period:

The following items are ready to roll:

  • Add leagues manually for any site.
  • Sync your league settings with Yahoo, ESPN and CBS using the Draft Hero Live Sync browser extension.
  • The entirely new Draft app is ready with a new design and the most important features.
  • Live draft sync is ready for Yahoo, ESPN and CBS
  • Sync with a mock draft on Yahoo, ESPN and CBS

Here are the features we are working on adding as soon as possible:

  • Adding advanced features for the Draft app such as keepers, custom draft order, trades, draft plan and draft strategy tools.
  • Wiring up league settings sync and live draft sync with all remaining partner sites using the Live Sync browser extension
  • Adding additional sync options for Yahoo, RTSports, MFL and Fanball (NFFC, BB10s).
  • All new Auction app will be available first week of August.
  • All new Inseason app will be available when our projection partners start providing projections for week 1, as usual.

Getting Help with the new Draft Hero:

We are making updates around the clock throughout the summer, so let us know what you need and we will get you going immediately.