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  1. Use the Draft Hero Live Sync browser extension to import your league settings and draft picks in real-time. This is the recommended option if your draft is on-line and you will be using a PC or Mac to access the full features of the Draft Hero Draft app and live draft sync.
  2. Manually add your league using one of the 30+ site templates provided that include each sites roster settings and scoring rules. You just have to enter your team names and draft order. This is the easiest option if your league hosts its draft off-line and you plan on manually entering draft picks.

  1. Make sure the browser extension is installed.
  2. Close all browser tabs to make sure the extension will be updated properly.
  3. Open only two tabs, one with Draft Hero and one with your league home page.

  1. To take advantage of the Draft Hero Live Sync browser extension use a PC or Mac with Chrome or Edge browsers. Mobile devices don't allow browser extensions.
  2. You can manually (and easily) edit settings and enter draft picks on: iPads, iPhones, Surface tablets, Chromebooks, MacOS older than 10.11 that do not support the extension.